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Nov 07

The Joys of Being the PR Firm Around the Corner

I worked in St. Louis, Missouri for years.  17 in all, in fact. Five of those I lived in Charlottesville, Virginia. And while I loved that job, the firm I worked for, my colleagues, my clients and the work itself, traveling (and all its inevitable hassles) back and forth and not having the ability to …

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Feb 14

Chipotle Commercial and Reputation Management

My friend Nick Sargent wrote about the Chipotle commercial that debuted during the Grammy awards.  The commercial is causing a lot of buzz among those interested in agribusiness, the local food movement and Chipotle fans in general. It was appropriate to bring up and share during a discussion with a client whose work is at the …

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Jul 19

Crisis Planning: What Comes Before Blood on the Floor

My former colleagues at Standing Partnership have written some really good content on advising clients in a crisis. I particularly like Nick Sargent’s recent post providing tips for an effective crisis response video. Another Standing alum, Mistie Thompson  has a saying about crisis work; it’s not a crisis unless there’s blood on the floor (or …

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May 09

Tears at the Office: Missing Amber Morris

Amber Morris

I awoke this morning and learned, via Facebook, that a friend and former colleague at Standing Partnership passed away over the weekend. It’s not the ideal way to learn of the death of a friend, but with the way news travels and the speed of social platforms, it’s become more common to find out from …

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Aug 16

Social Media Tip of the Day: Don’t be a Douche

I’m working along, doing what I do, minding my business, and then I see this: Best. Endorsement. Ever. Also, before you get offended, the slang definition of “douche” is less offense-making than the non-slang, so consider: “The term refers to a person, usually male, with a variety of negative qualities, specifically arrogance and engaging in …

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