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Feb 15

Giving up Facebook for Lent? Three Reasons to Rethink Ditching Social Media

Giving up Facebook for Lent? Three Reasons to Rethink Ditching Social Media

Jul 13

Fostering Community Conversations in Education and with Media

It was a really exciting week for the Jaggers Communications team. On Tuesday, we hosted area leaders in education communications in a roundtable discussion that was so inspiring and gratifying. We’re big fans of education and fostering good digital citizenship so it’s exciting to be part of the evolution of our community adopting social media …

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Mar 28

Amy Eastlack joins the Jaggers Communications Team

I am beyond thrilled to announce an addition to the Jaggers Communications family. You might know her from SuzySaid in Charlottesville or as a television star on C’ville Plugged In, a segment that aired for more than a year on CBS-19, WCAV. She’s Amy Eastlack, my good friend, a fantastic writer, a social media engagement specialist …

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Mar 21

Maintaining a Social Presence as a News Professional

 I had the great pleasure of returning to my old stomping grounds at the Newsplex, today. For more than a year I was the social media correspondent and blogging segment guest on-air on CBS-19. Great fun, that, but my time on TV has been very limited in the last couple of years. In addition to …

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Aug 30

Defining your Brand Position: Hint; it’s Not About You

Ask five people in an organization what the company’s brand position is and you’re likely to get five different answers. Ask five of their customers and you’re likely to get the same answer all five times. Why is that? What your brand position is not: It’s not your mission statement It’s not your logo or …

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