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Oct 13

Personal Branding and the Changing of a Name

I got married in July of 2016 and because I feel strongly about such things, I changed my last name to be the same as my husband’s: Oldham. Gratuitous wedding photo: When I named my business in 2010, I had a different last name, one I’d carried since 1989 and didn’t expect to change. Jaggers …

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Dec 13

Happy Holidays from Jaggers Communications!

  We went with a “happy new year” theme for this year’s company holiday card, mostly because we’re slow to get these out in the mail! The artwork is from Watermark Design. Let this serve as your reminder to touch base with customers and clients at the end of the year — they’re looking forward …

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Dec 10

100 Things to Do in Charlottesville Before You Die

  Coming soon to book stores near you!

Aug 20

Nextdoor: A Practical Application of Social Media for your Neighborhood

My friend Sean Tubbs, a reporter for Charlottesville Tomorrow, is, like me, always interested in emerging forms of media. Sean mentioned a new application he was trying out in his neighborhood, Nextdoor. Sean and I are not neighbors, but I was very curious about whether the platform could be useful in bringing my own little …

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Jul 29

Why is LinkedIn Important?

I’m asked often if it’s important to have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn can be useful for a number of reasons: it can help you connect to others in your field; it can help you find new business opportunities or a new job; it can help you learn good business practices and social networking technique. What …

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