Due to that scene in The Social Network, my teenage daughter and I often call Facebook “The Facebook,” just to be ornery. Facebook is making me ornerier than usual these days. I think about disconnecting Spotify from Facebook, due to the reactions I sometimes get from others based on my musical choices.  (Yes, a person can like Bruno Mars AND Coolio in the same day.) Usually, however, those reactions delight and amuse me, so I haven’t made that leap.

Now, though, the Facebook has decided to help me figure out how I’m feeling or what I’m doing by offering prompts:

Facebook status updates



Sigh. Anyway, I was playing with the new updates and decided to post one, for fun (and if you haven’t yet figured this out, THIS IS A CAUTIONARY TALE.)



Heaven forbid!

Well, I didn’t find this scandalous, and still don’t, but BE WARNED, if you listen to a lovey-dovey song, and then post something like this on your Facebook profile, RUMORS WILL FLY.

Good thing no one is paying attention to me on Pinterest.


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3 Responses to Getting Freaky with the Facebook

  1. TonyFleming says:

    This is quite pathetic. We can’t figure out how we feel anymore? That said, I am appreciative of the occasional reminder of friends’ birthdays. I’m terrible at remembering those!

  2. Marijean says:

    @TonyFleming I agree — it’s great for events and birthdays. I think I’m mostly annoyed by people taking Facebook too seriously.

  3. Marijean says:

    @TonyFleming Along the same lines, if we’re friends on Facebook, that doesn’t meet I’d give you a kidney, or bring you a casserole or babysit your kids. We might not be actual friends if we’re Facebook contacts. Similarly, if we’re honest-to-goodness friends in real life, that DOES NOT MEAN we have to be Facebook friends.