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Mar 06

How to Use Your Network to Help a Friend in Transition

I heard from a friend who lives in my city. Her relationship has ended, and she’s moving to another city in another, far-away state for a fresh start. Let’s pretend that city is Boulder, Colorado. I’ve always wanted to visit Boulder. Anyway, I wasn’t entirely sure who I know in or from Boulder, but I …

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Mar 05

LinkedIn: Zero to All-Star in Under Two Hours

One of the most requested services we offer seems so simple on its surface. The Executive Session is designed to help clients in a one-0n-one meeting define their individual professional communications goals, review and improve their online presence, and create a plan for them to continue on a strategic path. Since professionally, one’s LinkedIn presence …

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Nov 14

Celebrating Your Birthday with Social Networks

linkedin birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. Yay for birthdays! Many of us have known the joy of the Facebook birthday; the flood of messages from friends near, far, and from high school! It’s great fun. This year, for the first time, I was getting numerous birthday greetings on LinkedIn as well! LinkedIn has been taking cues from …

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Jun 23

How, and Why, to Use LinkedIn Projects

There was much discussion at a client’s office last week about the use of projects on LinkedIn profiles. It started, because the client has clients of its own. For purposes of sales, lead generation, and peer-to-peer relationship building, they wanted to create a profile for a team member that made sure it was clear there …

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Apr 21

From the Field: A Question About Accepting LinkedIn Contacts

From the Jaggers Communications World Headquarters Inbox:   What advice do you have as far as accepting/not accepting LinkedIn invites from people that one has little or no connection with? I’ve got about 15 sitting in my mailbox that I’m just ignoring. How close a connection should there be? I know some folks out there …

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