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Nov 28

What to Do When You’ve Been an Idiot in the Past

Were you an idiot, once upon a time? (“Yes.”) Did you share your idiocy publicly, say, via social media? (Hangs head, “yes.”) Are you an idiot now? (“NO!”) Well, good. There’s hope for you. The internet in my immediate geography is buzzing over some old tweets from a person who is now in elected political …

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Oct 11

Doug Muir, the Bella’s Boycott, and Black Lives Matter

A week ago, we attended Rooting Out Injustice, the signature fall event put on by Legal Aid Justice Center and Central Virginia Legal Aid Society. Full disclosure, I’ve been involved with Legal Aid for more than seven years and am on their advisory council. The event featured co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, Alicia …

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Jan 14

What to do When Your Campaign Accidentally Goes Viral

There’s really nothing that can prepare you for that moment when you pick up your phone and/or  log in to Facebook and see 8,000 new messages. Just yesterday, you think, we were trying desperately to get 300 likes on our page! It’s the stuff some companies dream of. It’s a nightmare for most. The thing …

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Jan 13

Baby Goat Snuggling Opportunity Goes Viral

It’s not hard to see how this happened: Virginia goat cheese producer Caromont Farm advertised on its Facebook page a need for volunteers to snuggle baby goats. People responded in droves, eager to get some goat love, and the story, adorably enhanced with tiny cable-knit sweater wearing kids, got picked up everywhere, like Buzzfeed, and ABC …

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Jan 04

Where to Host your Website

My firm manages websites for a number of clients and for some, we set up the client’s very first website, allowing us to make the hosting decisions for them. In addition, I’ve set up several websites of my own, for personal use or for the firm itself. For all of these I’ve used DreamHost for …

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