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Nov 16

How Social Media Has Actually Made Marketing Easier, Not Harder


There are a LOT of articles and blog posts out there warning the business world that social marketing is the One True Way. CMOs that are not using Big Data acquired through myriad, massively integrated social platforms might be out of a job soon. Social has replaced advertising. Etc. Etc. Etc. It can be very …

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Jun 28

Want More Sales? Trust in Me!

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sales and how social platforms and processes have affected them. Sales, in case we’ve all forgotten, is the mother of all ROIs. No matter what marketing or business development efforts you engage in, the rubber meets the proverbial road at sales. Did all our effort generate more …

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Jun 22

Better Business in Charlottesville


Teri Kent is my hero. Truly. Teri started Better World Betty as a resource for all things green in our community. Then, she took it to the next level, creating, managing and executing the Better Business Challenge. Last night, the Jaggers Communications team was delighted to be present as friends of the firm walked away …

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Jun 04

Dad’s CRM was named Shirley

Growing up, I remember going into the office with my dad just about every Saturday morning. My grandfather started a kitchen and bath company back in the 60s, and it was a family business with my dad as Vice President of Sales. The office smelled like burnt coffee, printer ink and cigarette smoke. I’d tag …

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Jun 01

Why Spotify is More of The Same Old Thing


Anyone who knows me at all knows I’ve been a semi-pro musician for a loooong time and that I love to follow trends in that industry. Please read the following quotes: Spotify have always had something in common with the record companies… They’re just another exploitative middleman and in truth don’t care about the music …

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