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Nov 16

How to Talk about the Election as a Brand

know you’re thinking you know what I’m going to say . . . that I’m going to say, “Just. Don’t.” but that would make for a very short post, and isn’t, in fact, what I’m thinking at all. (You don’t know me!)
For many brands, the election and its aftermath are totally irrelevant and they should, in fact, not try to leverage the news cycle and trending topics. BAD IDEA; don’t do this.

Nov 11

You Probably Aren’t Just Fine

Guest post by Robyn Jackson, the owner of The Civility School, providing training and education for professionals interested in polishing their interactions as a critical part of attaining business goals.  The 2016 presidential election and its brutal build-up have brought about a surge in the business of Civility.  Leaders of organizations are calling with SOS …

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Oct 26

Public Relations and the Non-Compete Agreement

I’ve had one non-compete agreement in my career — at the first PR firm I joined in the mid-1990s. I made less than $24,000 a year. It was a hard-core agreement but even as I signed it, our HR person said that it “didn’t really mean anything.” The interesting thing about the agreement was that …

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Oct 11

Doug Muir, the Bella’s Boycott, and Black Lives Matter

A week ago, we attended Rooting Out Injustice, the signature fall event put on by Legal Aid Justice Center and Central Virginia Legal Aid Society. Full disclosure, I’ve been involved with Legal Aid for more than seven years and am on their advisory council. The event featured co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, Alicia …

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Oct 10

Learning to Read the Room

So much of what we do in public relations and communications is about developing relationships. Whether there’s a need to create new customer relationships, or cultivate loyalty with existing ones, all the business we do boils down to what’s happening between the people involved. We spend a lot of time encouraging clients to listen carefully …

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