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Oct 11

Doug Muir, the Bella’s Boycott, and Black Lives Matter


A week ago, we attended Rooting Out Injustice, the signature fall event put on by Legal Aid Justice Center and Central Virginia Legal Aid Society. Full disclosure, I’ve been involved with Legal Aid for more than seven years and am on their advisory council. The event featured co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, Alicia …

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Jan 14

What to do When Your Campaign Accidentally Goes Viral

There’s really nothing that can prepare you for that moment when you pick up your phone and/or  log in to Facebook and see 8,000 new messages. Just yesterday, you think, we were trying desperately to get 300 likes on our page! It’s the stuff some companies dream of. It’s a nightmare for most. The thing …

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Oct 19

How How to Use E-mail to Impress Your Customers


    I’m in the middle of a run of pretty bad customer service experiences. I’ve bought two laptops, one DOA, that had to be returned immediately, then had a devastating Rent the Runway experience that had me running out the day before an event to buy a formal gown. Not cool. Then, shopping for …

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Jun 16

The Three Dead Friends You’ll Have on Facebook

I have three dead friends on Facebook. It’s hard; especially when their birthdays show up, or when well-meaning mutual friends post a message to their wall because they’re thinking of our deceased friend.  If you don’t already, you’ll have friends on Facebook who die, either expectedly or unexpectedly. Dying in the digital era has new …

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Dec 13

Happy Holidays from Jaggers Communications!


  We went with a “happy new year” theme for this year’s company holiday card, mostly because we’re slow to get these out in the mail! The artwork is from Watermark Design. Let this serve as your reminder to touch base with customers and clients at the end of the year — they’re looking forward …

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