What We Do

The team at Jaggers Communications applies experience to help your business reach its goals. We apply strategic marketing, business analysis and consulting, content creation and distribution, public relations and social media strategy to enhance the connection between you and your customers. Our philosophy is rooted in measurement, clear analysis, and accountability.

We help by:

  • Helping you define your brand and the language used to share it;
  • Developing communications and marketing strategy that fit your organization’s bandwidth;
  • Discovering relationships that further your mission, and helping you create and maintain them;
  • Conducting outreach on your behalf, developing and publishing content to keep your web presence optimized; and
  • Training internal staff to keep communications current and moving toward strategic goals.

Above all, we will be your communications partner, working closely with you to represent your brand and share the story of your business.

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Social Strategy

Let us review all your online communications, establish a monitoring infrastructure, recommend publishing and listening opportunities, create month-by-month social media plan and help you execute it with your team.   “Thanks to Marijean’s coaching, social media became a central and important component of the communication plan for Shenandoah National Park’s 75th Anniversary Celebration in 2011. The social …

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Public Relations

We look for newsworthy marketing and communication opportunities for your organization, write and distribute news releases, create content for trade show materials, websites, trade publications, and industry events.   “Marijean is simply excellent at explaining how social media and communications can be used to grow your business, regardless of its size. She’s not only highly …

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Brand Positioning

We will help you discover, or re-discover who you are, who your audience is and the best way to communicate your mission across multiple media and technology channels. “Marijean understands progressive brand positioning and communications better than anyone we have observed.  She is a diamond find for our organization!” Nikki Hastings, Vice President, Laboratory Operations at HemoShear   …

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Crisis Communications

Even in your company’s best of times, things don’t always go perfectly. Our highly trained PR professionals can help you develop worst-case scenario strategies for publicly addressing negative issues transparently and honestly via social channels, news media, and internal communications. “Marijean is a super-talented individual with a deep understanding of the many forms of communication …

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Social marketing relies on an ever-growing and changing list of technology platforms to be successful, even if we wish it weren’t the case. Let us help! We develop and lead small group training (up to 10 employees) on topics such as utilizing LinkedIn to develop client relationships, how to be engaged on Facebook as an …

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What to Do When You’ve Been an Idiot in the Past

Were you an idiot, once upon a time? (“Yes.”) Did you share your idiocy publicly, say, via social media? (Hangs head, “yes.”) Are you an idiot now? (“NO!”) Well, good. There’s hope for you. The internet in my immediate geography is buzzing over some old tweets from a person who is now in elected political …

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How to Talk about the Election as a Brand

know you’re thinking you know what I’m going to say . . . that I’m going to say, “Just. Don’t.” but that would make for a very short post, and isn’t, in fact, what I’m thinking at all. (You don’t know me!)
For many brands, the election and its aftermath are totally irrelevant and they should, in fact, not try to leverage the news cycle and trending topics. BAD IDEA; don’t do this.

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